Global Hub for Blockchain Companies

A hub for all blockchain companies, facilitating growth, collaboration, and innovation in the blockchain ecosystem both within Dubai and on a global scale.

Blockchain Certification Authority

Adhering to industry standards, and a commitment to maintaining the highest level of credibility and integrity

Blockchain Education and Training

Workshops, courses, and training programs on blockchain technology, use cases, and implementation

Incubation and Acceleration Programs

Support for blockchain startups, including mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities

Consultation and Advisory Services

Expert guidance and consultation for businesses and organizations looking to adopt blockchain solutions

Research and Development Support

Assistance with blockchain-related research projects, innovation, and development

Community Building and Networking

Hosting events, conferences, meetups, and forums to facilitate networking and knowledge exchange within the blockchain community

Proof of Concept (PoC) Development

Assisting organizations in developing blockchain proof-of-concept projects to test the feasibility of blockchain solutions

Blockchain Ideation Workshops

Workshops to brainstorm and conceptualize blockchain use cases tailored to specific industries

Blockchain Technology Evaluation

Assessment of blockchain platforms and technologies to determine the most suitable options for specific projects

Regulatory and Compliance Guidance

Assistance with understanding and navigating blockchain-related regulations and compliance requirements

Smart Contract Development

Development and auditing of smart contracts for various applications