Marwan Alzarouni


Dr. Marwan has founded the region’s first innovation hub for blockchain technology and serving as the CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni is a Strategic Advisor at Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism. He is also a founding member of Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) and Artificial Intelligence Ethical Committee.

Dr. Marwan has 20+ years of experience in development of projects in the fields of Emerging Technology, Information Security, Digital forensics and Artificial Intelligence. He is also a keynote speaker and advisor to the Dubai Government where he sits on a number of Councils and Committees in the fields of Cyber Security, Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence. He is a well-respected international speaker on blockchain technology usage by governments and enterprises. He was also ranked by CoinTelegraph as one of the top 100 most influential people world-wide in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in 2022. He also served as a member of the Global Future Council on Cryptocurrencies at the World Economic Forum 2020-2021.

Amro Awaidah


Amro has held numerous board director positions for various businesses and demonstrated a proven track record of effectively assessing companies via mergers and acquisitions.

Amro serves as the COO of the Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC), an influential enterprise and a strategic ally of the Dubai Future Foundation.